Comprehensive Business Transformation for Professional Services Firms

We aim to see the whole picture. We analyse, we work to understand all the issues that are holding you back. It’s not just about CRM, we’re here to build a coherent, comprehensive transformation strategy aligned to your business ambitions.

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Making it all work

The Symphony design methodology is logical, clear, and incisive. It identifies precisely what’s required to make things right and why. This ultimately makes your business technology work to maximum advantage.

Defining business needs

We analyse your business in forensic detail. Because when you’ve factually defined the issues in full, you can fully understand what changes must be made.

Bringing it together

We’re obsessively holistic about this. Implementing technology, aligning business processes, and dovetailing legacy systems with the whole – it all has to harmonise beautifully to achieve your goals.

Making it pay

Moving forward, we maintain the momentum, building on our partnership with you to develop new solutions that deliver ROI and support the changes and growth of your firm.

Results that keep on coming

We’ll get your CRM, processes and systems all aligned and future-ready. So every part of your business can be easily harnessed to deliver growth - and to enable change, not hinder it.

About Symphony

Industry Expertise

Symphony purposely focuses its expertise on professional service sectors. It’s how we come to our client’s project already primed with extensive knowledge and experience of their industry.

We know how to build a solution that makes it easy to manage the client journey data, develop relationships, track referrals and utilise marketing automation.

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Having partnered with many professional service firms, we understand what you require from your business systems, and how to create that ideal in reality.

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Managing data effectively, building client relations and maximising opportunities – we specialise in harmonising your systems so they’re easy to use and as productive as possible.

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All the crucial bases covered

No two businesses are the same, each challenge is different. So we maintain a comprehensive ‘library’, from which we can mix and match the right elements to build your truly bespoke solution.

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    Envision is consulting process that walks firms through a methodology for holistically identifying restraining and driving forces, managing implementation push back and aligning the business to project goals.

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    Client Engagement

    Gaining a fuller view and understanding of the client journey is the goal, service line innovation helps it happen…

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    CRM integration

    It’s not about CRM in isolation. The real goal is to implement solutions that connect all business functions – of which CRM will be a part…

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    Naturally, we don’t see mobile functionality as an add-on. Today and in future, business platforms must include a mobile strategy, when users are often away from the office and their desktop...

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    Automation & Integration

    Today as never before, business applications must be able to ‘talk to each other’ and be updated dynamically – an essential state which Symphony will deliver...

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    Business Development

    Symphony CRM can make all the difference to achieving clear business development processes throughout your business…

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    Marketing Automation

    Symphony marketing automation is a powerful analytic and action tool, giving marketing and sales dynamically adjusted messaging driven by prospect and client behaviours…

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    Vendor independent mobile timesheet solution meeting the needs of todays high impact professional…

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    Practice Management Software

    Our approach means that practice management and CRM will operate as one. Underlying this integration is the fact that we’re committed to giving you measurable benefits – in tangible terms …. 

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Hear what they say

Chantrey Vellacott had a long and well established business relationship with APS. So when the Firm initiated a strategic business transformation plan, a critical part of this was the identification and purchase of an appropriate Client Relationship Management system, to which Symphony became our natural choice. To hit our key objectives in the project we required complete compatibility with our Practice Management System, along with a consistent data collection, management and reporting capability. This then allowed us as part of the bigger strategy to put in place a robust framework to introduce and deliver clear sales processes across the firm. The full development of our customised version of Symphony was challenging, but the journey was made seamless by our professional working partnership with Symphony - APS.

Justin Waddilove
Justin Waddilove Chantrey Vellacott

Symphony - APS have been a supplier of Mazars for over 10 years, I personally have worked with them for the past 3 years and we have a strong, productive relationship. The Symphony team have worked with us on a number of strategic initiatives particularly regarding integration of systems. The most recent project, delivering an integration between our CRM solution and Practice Management, has helped us to reduce processing times and improve SLAs on production of matter codes. Their experience and understanding of our business, coupled with their knowledge of emerging technologies and how they can be applied to the challenges we face is of real benefit the firm and to me with the transformational objectives of my role.

Alison Clack
Alison Clack Director of Business Transformation, Mazars

Symphony - APS provides the cornerstone for our practice management. Over the years the APS team have worked with us to build on the original time and billing platform to create a repository that holds our key client information. We’ve worked together to develop solutions to maximise our use of this data from integrated AML to managing work progress. Following a performance review of our existing system we will working together to achieve our goal of increasing efficiency and decreasing our back office costs.

Toby Woodhead
Toby Woodhead Business Process Analyst, Armstrong Watson

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