Creating a deeper understanding

of your firm

An Uncomfortable Truth

Technical debt isn’t just a technology issue, it’s a strategic blocker for accounting firms. Understanding technical debt and how to pay it down is key to moving from a sense of lagging to an early adopter.

The problem with just focusing on technology

A technology platform on its own will never deliver optimum results. All too often technology choices are seen to be “the panacea to cure all ills” with key elements of change overlooked or worse ignored.  

Most accounting firms will know that they should focus on enhancing processes in conjunction with technology.  Platforms that embrace flow, to support behaviour change and process, will enable the firm to transform, develop assets and achieve competitive advantage in readiness for the future economy.

The process

The Envision™ process enables an accounting firm to gain clarity on the dynamics within the business that holds it back or restrains it from achieving optimum results. 

By understanding these restraining forces, and why they exist, the firm can establish a clear focus on WHY change initiatives need to happen and create a focused plan on how to reach the desired outcomes.  

Not easy but it starts with what is holding a firm back and technical debt is a significant factor in that.

The outcome

Through the Envision™ workshops, you develop a deeper understanding of your firm’s technology constraints. Focus on building a concrete plan to execute; confidence that you can bring your firm along with you because of a deeper, informed understanding, and a clear sense of what to leave for later. 

Building Clarity, Confidence and Capability


An Uncomfortable Truth

Analysing technical debt with peer firms. Gaining an overview of methods to overcome the dynamic.


3-hour offsite



Detailed analysis of your firm’s technical debt and formulation of strategies to elevate, automate, and integrate current systems. 


1-day offsite



Unpack the restraining forces that impact a coherent technology strategy. Building an Early Adopter mindset.   


1-day offsite

Envision Clients

"Right from the outset, the Envision™ process allowed us to quickly establish what was important to the project and just as importantly, what was irrelevant. The process has proved a constant source of reference, ensuring we remain on track and deliver the outcomes most important to the practice."

Pitcher Partners

Adam Irwin, Managing Partner

"The Technical Debt session has changed how I think we need to view our tech spend - it was not something I’d heard before but makes perfect sense ."

Ad Valorem Group

Nikki Adams, Joint Managing Director

"Your session on technical debt certainly resonated with what I’ve been seeing. Look forward to further discussions!".


WR Partners UK

James Youatt, Director of Technology



Build consensus and achieve buy-in for tech selection


Gain clarity and design strategies to facilitate the success


Increase firm-wide collaboration focusing on the right objectives

External Input

Benefit from our experience in facilitating technology decisions

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