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With Copilot serving a wide user base, Private LLM for Accounting firms provides tailored solutions, data privacy, and fine-grained control for organisations seeking secure and confidential language models

Purpose & Accessibility

Private LLM is specifically built with privacy and security in mind. It prioritises user confidentiality by minimising exposure during training and inference. Unlike publicly available models, a private LLM is accessible only to authorised users within a controlled environment.

Customisation & Control

Private LLM allows customisation. Accounting firms can fine-tune it for specific purposes, such as internal communication, content generation, or domain-specific research. This tailored approach ensures that the LLM aligns precisely with unique requirements.

Data Privacy & Security

Private LLM is trained on curated datasets, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. Security measures, such as encryption and access controls, safeguard the model and prevent unauthorised access.

Ethical Handling of Data

Private LLM allows organisations to enforce ethical guidelines, ensuring responsible use and preventing unintended biases or harmful outputs.

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