Elevating Accounting Technology

Using smart technology to automate & integrate key processes.

A core foundation to Elevate your firm’s software platforms

Symphony’s suite of solutions is more than just software. We deploy specific solutions to elevate legacy platforms and improve user experience.

Elevate reduces technical debt and unlocks efficiencies within legacy software. 

Improving data quality & flow of information

Our technology provides cloud-based synchronisation of disparate data sources to overcome data silos and redundancy. The seamless connection of your key systems fosters data unity and unlocks efficiencies within disparate workspaces.

Private natural language query platform

Our large language model is trained on specific firm and client-related content with security and privacy at its core.

Game-changing transformation products


AI-enabled process automation, data extraction, data cleansing and workflows to supercharge your productivity. 

Private LLM

Securely turn accurate data into insights to boost productivity and profitability through efficiency.

SymConnect Cloud

The Azure-based solution that facilitates the seamless integration of all your applications. 

Accounting Industry Expertise

After successfully addressing the practice management and CRM needs of top-tier accounting firms, we have expanded our offering to tackle the complexities of integration and automation demands. Transitioning from conventional data representation to cutting-edge technology solutions, we now offer real-time actionable insights to elevate performance and foster growth.

Featured Success Stories

"Right from the outset, the Envision™ process allowed us to quickly establish what was important to the project and just as importantly, what was irrelevant. The process has proved a constant source of reference, ensuring we remain on track and deliver the outcomes most important to the practice."

Pitcher Partners

Adam Irwin, Managing Partner

"The Technical Debt session has changed how I think we need to view our tech spend - it was not something I’d heard before but makes perfect sense ."

Ad Valorem Group

Nikki Adams, Joint Managing Director

"Your session on technical debt certainly resonated with what I’ve been seeing. Look forward to further discussions!".


WR Partners UK

James Youatt, Director of Technology