Deriving intelligence

from data

Driving firm-wide success

Transforming data into meaningful information

As an accounting firm, you have to manage silos of data that are becoming increasingly difficult to handle. Elevate does the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on creating robust operational pathways for success.

Elevate deploys the power of Knime, to transform data, enabling the firm to improve the effectiveness of the team and remove waste.

Where required, the data is transformed to provide powerful insights, allowing firms to make data-centric decisions that fuel growth and competitive advantage.

Reimagining efficiency with process automation

Breathe efficiency into your firm by weaving tactical process automation into everyday tasks. By automating repetitive functions such as data entry, document and record management, including client communication, Symphony Elevate frees your team from mundane operations, enabling you to redirect your valuable time and skills towards client-oriented tasks.

In addition to boosting efficiencies and reducing operational costs, Elevate helps eliminate human error. This feature is crucial for an accounting firm where accuracy is paramount.

Intelligent data analysis

Our ETL mechanism extracts vital data from diverse sources, processes it for readability and relevance, and then integrates it into an easily accessible system for further analysis. Regardless of the data volume, Symphony Elevate performs the rigorous task of making it understandable, ensuring your firm always has actionable insights for strategic decision-making. 

Use Cases

Microsoft Exchange 

Spreadsheet Horror

New Firm Acquisition

External Public Data Cleanse

Non Time-Based Billing 

Automated Billing 

The future of Elevate

Elevate is continuously evolving, with exciting improvements being developed. In the works we have AI / machine learning routines to predict future recovery and provisions, to identify staff who consistently hold onto WIP without appropriate provisions, and to highlight patterns of work where WIP loss and write-off is at its worst.

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