Practice Management & CRM

Foundation Products

Driving long-standing success

Advance Practice Management & SymphonyCRM

At Symphony APS, we pride ourselves on empowering accounting firms with robust software solutions tailored to their unique needs. Since our inception, Advance Practice Management and SymphonyCRM have stood as our foundation platforms, driving our long-standing success. 

Transforming practice operations

Our flagship practice management product, Advance, has transformed how our client base operates in the UK, the USA, and Australia. Explicitly designed to provide a comprehensive solution for medium to large accounting firms, this software streamlines day-to-day time and billing operations, enhances workflows, and improves overall productivity.

Its robust capabilities in managing finances, resources, compliance, and client management are still widely recognised, making it an essential platform for many top-tier accounting firms. 


Optimising client relationship management 

SymphonyCRM has carved an essential place in our suite of products. Designed to take client relationship management to the next level, it helps businesses maintain a robust and profitable connection with their customers. As an all-in-one CRM solution, SymphonyCRM makes managing accounts, tracking leads, overseeing campaigns, and reporting effortless. 

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