SymConnect Cloud 

Creating a seamless experience

Leverage the combined power of all your systems in one place

Streamlining integration challenges

Leveraging APIs is paramount for efficient data synchronisation, however, this can bring many challenges with APIs varying widely in scope and quality. Deploying connections between them demands technical expertise that’s often scarce within organisations. SymConnect addresses this hurdle head-on, taking care of the integration process and ensuring seamless synchronisation of master records and transaction data.

Enhanced security protocols

Security is non-negotiable in the digital realm of accounting, yet implementing specific protocols within APIs can be daunting. SymConnect Cloud alleviates these concerns, seamlessly embedding secure token passage and encryption checks into its framework. With our platform, firms can trust that data movement is safeguarded at every step.


Simplified API management

Navigating the ever-evolving API landscape is no easy feat. SymConnect Cloud’s Discovery functionality empowers users to explore APIs visually, rendering complex documentation irrelevant. Our Transit module facilitates effortless connections between datasets, complete with intuitive transformation tools for data consistency. Meanwhile, our extensive Connector Library streamlines API deployment, minimising effort and maximising efficiency.


Real-time visibility & control

Real-time visibility and control are imperative for successful integration. SymConnect’s Traffic Manager ensures transactions are tracked, counted, and managed with precision. With comprehensive reporting and alerting features, firms stay informed and empowered to address issues promptly and maintain data integrity.


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