Accounting Expertise

Enhancing performance & growth

Having solved the practice management and CRM requirements for leading accounting firms over many years, we extended our expertise into solving accountants’ integration and automation demands. Moving to technology solutions that integrate systems in real-time to enhance performance and growth has become a key focus.

Focus on accounting

The technology partner you work with needs to understand why you are where you are and your unique challenges before you can begin to know what it is your accountancy firm needs to invest in.

You require platforms that integrate with ETL processes updating multiple business systems such as HR, document management, expense management, practice management, and client management platforms.

We see it time and again. When a firm’s systems are truly integrated to create access to data that is easy from across the organisation, your people have the means and freedom to build their all-important client relationships

System integration & automation

This forms part of our vision for the top 100 accountancy practices. At Symphony, we believe that your business partner must be skilled in both technology platform selection and, vitally, have a deep understanding of the client journey and lifecycle. The challenge is to implement solutions that connect all business functions and improve the user experience and business processes.

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