This must-read LPM Frontiers: Legal IT Landscapes 2021 report has been launched with commentary from our very own CEO, Brian Coventry.

Brian talks of the curse of data lag and omission that ultimately manifests itself in missed opportunities and growth for legal firms.

This much anticipated annual report for legal professionals’ features responses from over 50 law firms. This year’s tech trends revealed cover four key areas:

  • ‘Efficiency technologies’ including automation, practice management systems and collaboration
  • ‘Delivering wide strategic values’ including client-facing tech and agile/remote working
  • ‘Beef up business basics’ highlighting the technology winners including Office 365
  • ‘Vital competitiveness technologies’ that firms are investing in or set to do so including Cloud and AI

For many firms one of the ‘magic wand wishes’ was the call for more automation and better gathering and use of data with the quality of data being a must. Like all businesses in the UK, we all agree that the pandemic has had lasting impact on the way our teams work. The research shows that our teams want to work from home more regularly, 32% in fact, which is double what it was last year.

With the explosion of Zoom and Teams to support client, prospect and referrer conversations, firms have had a lesson in how easy it is to communicate and collaborate. As a result, interactions have increased compared to the levels before March 2020.

Read the full LPM (Legal Practice Management) Legal IT Landscapes 2021 report for the must-have legal tech insights and learn from Brian how a legal firm can gather missing contacts, email addresses and connection history with a relationship management system. Most importantly, a solution that complements and enhances the use of existing practice management and CRM systems