Symphony, a leading provider of accounting technology solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest suite of products, designed to transform the way accounting firms operate. This AI-powered platform empowers firms to streamline processes, automate manual tasks, accelerate productivity, and drive improvements with real-time data insights, all within a single, integrated platform.  


The centrepiece of this innovative suite is Elevate.  Tools include a workflow-driven ETL solution for acquisitive Firms to accelerate their system aggregations; An autobot data cleansing engine, checking a Firm’s databases of people, contacts and company data against publicly available data sets; Routines for AI-based evaluation and scoring of audit files to highlight areas for attention; Data aggregation, analysis, re-format, and presentation routines with drag-and-drop AI-powered workflows to avoid the risks of “spreadsheet hell”; widgets to automatically extract transactions from external systems and insert them into legacy PMs for billing; and much more. 


Among Symphony’s latest innovations, the introduction of its ready-to-deploy Private LLM stands out as particularly exciting. This new addition offers accounting firms an AI-powered virtual assistant, trained on the Firm’s own data. Private LLMs are poised to revolutionise productivity by providing users with personalised assistance, enabling them to supercharge their workflow and accomplish more in less time using their own safe, secure data points. 


Phil Lowe, CEO of Symphony, expressed his excitement about the new suite: “At Symphony, we’d been working with machine-learning, data science and AI long before the launch of consumer-facing tools like Chat-GPT.  We’re delighted to showcase our work dedicated to empowering accounting firms with cutting-edge technology that drives efficiency and productivity. With the launch of our new suite of products, including Elevate and Private LLM, we enable accounting firms to maximise efficiencies and boost productivity.”. 


Symphony’s new suite of products represents a significant step forward in the evolution of accounting technology, providing firms with the tools they need to thrive and differentiate in an increasingly competitive market. With its unified platform and AI-powered capabilities, Symphony is poised to redefine the future of accounting operations.